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Recently I did a virtual Book Launch for my new volume, The E. J. Hughes Book of Boats. It’s a twenty-minute tour of the book, in which I take you in for detailed looks at the paintings and offer my commentary. The first four minutes of technical to-and-fro with Michael Warren of the Madrona Gallery are rather ragged but the illustrated presentation which follows is well worth a look. The book is available wherever books are sold, and at $22 it’s going to be very popular during the coming gift-giving season.
Check out the tour on the link below.


Recently the leading on-line literary magazine The Ormsby Review had this to say about my new book:
The Ormsby Review A torrent of collective memory
November 15, 2020

Reviewed by Brian Harvey

"When I was asked to review the book, I thought, E.J. Hughes and boats? What could be better? Not much. The E.J. Hughes Book of Boats is handsomely designed and produced, and it’s very sensibly arranged. Just flip through it, find a picture you like and go. Agreeably sized just a bit smaller than a standard piece of letterhead, this book is no coffee-table killer. Instead, it invites you to pick it up, stick it in your bag, maybe even take it to the beach. The book isn’t a treatise on Hughes or his influences or even the methods by which he achieved such wondrous results. Amos, though himself a well-known artist with a sizeable following, wisely eschews art criticism. For me, experiencing the book was like strolling through an interesting neighbourhood with someone who lives there, who can point out the architectural highlights and tell the choicest stories about places and characters — an easygoing expert lobbing context at you along the way.”