House Commissions

Commissioned Paintings

I take particular pleasure in creating paintings “on commission”, where you choose the subject. These may be a souvenir of a home and garden, a shop or place with a special memory. They may commemorate a birthday, anniversary, retirement or as a tribute to an old family home.
My paintings are done with a great deal of collaboration. Together we choose the point of view and design the composition. I like to share pictures of the work in progress at every step of the way, asking for your comments as I go along. The painting is not complete until you are fully satisfied.
Paintings are priced by size, and a list of usual dimensions is attached below. I paint in either watercolour (on 100% cotton paper) or acrylic paint (on 1/4” mahogany plywood). Often clients ask me to make prints of their painting.
Over the years I have created hundreds of commissioned paintings, with subjects ranging from tiny cabins in the woods to palatial homes. I have painted apartment buildings, special trees and even a favourite park bench. While on-site visits are extremely useful, I can work from your photographs. 
Some commissioned paintings often take a long time to prepare, while we wait for the correct season. In other cases the painting can be completed quickly to meet your deadline. In some circumstances I create a “gift certificate” sketch, and later work with the recipient to create the picture that matches their dreams. Watching me create the painting is in many cases part of the fun.
Do you have an important event ahead? Let me create a timeless and very personal gift for you.
My paintings are priced by size. The prices do not include taxes or framing. Custom sizes can always be provided.

Ten Mile Point

I have painted professionally in watercolours for many years, and these days most often my paintings are  in acrylic on wooden panel. In this photo you can see the very first stage, where I block in the subject, a home on Ten Mile Point.

The completed painting shows that I am interested in much more than architecture. It is my goal to capture a certain time of day, and time of year, and convey the ambience of the site.

Progress photos of another acrylic on wood panel house commission painting from Oak Bay.

Other commissioned house paintings from throughout Victoria, BC.