House Commissions

Commissioned Paintings

Throughout my career I have always painted special subjects on commission, most frequently homes and gardens. These paintings always commemorate special places and are often created as presentation pieces - wedding anniversary, retirement, sale of the old family home. In fact, the subject could be anything, from garden sheds to palatial waterfront homes, favourite automobiles, or even a “historical reconstruction” from old photographs. I work in close collaboration with the customer throughout the process, and I guarantee satisfaction. These paintings are priced according to size.

Rob and Lana with their new painting, January 2020.


Ten Mile Point

I have painted professionally in watercolours for many years, and these days most often my paintings are  in acrylic on wooden panel. In this photo you can see the very first stage, where I block in the subject, a home on Ten Mile Point.

The completed painting shows that I am interested in much more than architecture. It is my goal to capture a certain time of day, and time of year, and convey the ambience of the site.

Progress photos of another acrylic on wood panel house commission painting from Oak Bay.

Other commissioned house paintings from throughout Victoria, BC.