James Joyce

Robert Amos and James Joyce

The writings of James Joyce have fascinated Robert Amos for 50 years. His special interest is Joyce’s last book, Finnegans Wake, a true challenge beyond the notoriously difficult Ulysses. Amos has come to terms with Finnegans Wake by a variety of routes, and has brought back many treasures.

Check out a recent article in the James Joyce Quarterly written and illustrated by Amos: James Joyce Quarterly


“…The lively freedom, the riverine adaptation of the literal to the littoral, the rebirth of Celtic knotwork in Chinese brushstrokes – all these emerge by your creative gifts and merge seamlessly before the beholder’s eyes, thanks to your authorial ability…I do not exaggerate, though it might look as such. Robert Amos is one fine Joycean artist!”

The Riverend Sterling

Amos writes Joyce’s words with a brush on absorbent Chinese and Japanese papers which he has decorated with ink and watercolours. These beautiful calligraphic pages are collected by libraries and Joyceans worldwide. Hundreds of quotes are already available, or you may commission your favourite phrase.

Amos has painted many portraits of James Joyce over the years. The first appeared on the cover of the James Joyce Quarterly in the spring of 1999, and another became the logo of the 2017 International James Joyce Conference, held in Toronto.

For the full experience you’ll want to visit the James Joyce Bistro in Victoria, Canada. The owner David Peacock commissioned Amos to create the decor and the result exceeded all expectations. visit peacockbilliards.com and look for the James Joyce Bistro for a tour.

All the imagery on this page is available for sale. Originals are ink and watercolours on paper, or acrylic on wooden panels. High quality prints are available from this website as ink and watercolour originals or in high-quality print format from this website. 8 1/2 x 11 inches $50. 11 x 17 inches $85. Please enquire for full details.

Joyce’s work demands to be read aloud, and Amos created a recording of  Finnegans Wake in its entirety. Working patiently in a professional recording studio, this took him six years to complete. The entire 37-hour reading of Finnegans Wake by Robert Amos is coming soon through this web site. Check out this short video from Roberts YouTube channel.

You can discover more of Robert Amos reading at waywordsandmeansigns.com (book 1 chapter 2). Project Producer Derek Pyle described this reading as “pronunciation par excellence”.

The James Joyce Quarterly from the University of Tulsa has three times used my Joycean imagery for their cover.